“I was just wishing to leave a testimonial and thanks. Your service was excellent and the truffles are a true gift from mother earth. Your manufactured hollandia gave me a deeply insightful and beautiful experience from which after i felt peace and creative. Regards Stephen.”

After having looked at the reviews of the hollandia truffle and the 5* reports that will have the characteristics of my former breathtakingly no limits, trip experience . I want to fall in love again picking up my journey where I left it 5 years ago ending it with my best trip on hawaiian thin blue Copelandia shrooms ever!
(Not for big headed beginners) –  they need not apply!ever!

“I’d like to thank you all,for quality service ,I ordered Monday and there in my hand Wednesday morning.(ya don’t get better than that)”

Trufflemagic: The best magic truffles, delivered fast, fresh and discreetly!

Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms growkits are mind-blowing natural products which TruffleMagic grows in a responsible manner.
Magic Truffles are also known as sclerotia, Philosophers Stone or Magic Fungi. Magic Truffles are the successor of the Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms.

Trufflemagic stands for the best quality in the market, thanks to a unique and professional breeding process. Trufflemagic is the largest and oldest (experienced) grower in the Netherlands.

Trufflemagic grows the most important species of Magic Truffles like: the Psilocybe hollandia, Psilocybe utopia, Psilocybe atlantisPsilocybe tampanensisPsilocybe pajaritos and Psilocybe mexicana.

The Psilocybe hollandia Magic Truffle is exclusively grown by us. It is the king of Magic Truffles. The Psilocybe hollandia is twice as strong as a normal Magic Truffle and also tastes much better. But don’t take our word for it, try them yourself!


For the cultivation of your own Magic Mushrooms, Trufflemagic offers 8 cubensis strains. Trufflemagic offers exclusive 100% Mycelium-kits, which grow more mushrooms, in less time with less effort! than standard kits. The McKennai which is the strongest Mushroom around, and also the Golden Teacher, the Colombian, the Ecuador, the Mexican, the Mazatapec, the Thai, the B+. And of course, we also offer the standard growkits for a tiny price!